Womens Online Support Group

Starting weekly October 14th - December 2nd

Wednesdays 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM


A group to nourish our connection to self and others.

I'm creating this group to provide an opportunity for women to come together and learn more about themselves and what self care means to them. It will also provide a safe place for authenticity and vulnerability as we navigate this very changing world. A space to be heard, understood and held.

Self care is about nourishing all of who you are (body, mind and spirit).

I will provide guidance and tools on how to connect to ourselves in order to dial in exactly what we need to support ourselves in this life.

This will be a small group (8 women max).

*I especially encourage women who are shy, quiet and terrified of groups, but starving for connection to reach out.

Please email me at brandy@shecounseling.com to inquire and sign up.

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